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About Karl Anvik

Karl Anvik is a partner at Northfront Financial, as well as a licensed Portfolio Manager, Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®), and Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®). In order to help his clients design a customized financial plan that covers all areas of their financial lives, he digs deep in order to truly understand who they are, their values, and what goals they want to achieve. By building this relational foundation first, he is able to create a plan that meets their needs and gives them a road map that reflects their life circumstances and dreams.

Karl earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Victoria and a Master’s degree in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta and spent over a decade as a software engineer. Despite finding success in his field, he felt that something was missing in his career and in 2012 decided to make a change.

Karl’s choice to become a financial advisor was not a shot in the dark as he has always had a passion for personal finance and investing. Throughout his life, he has seen many people struggle financially, largely due to poor investment and financial decisions. Karl’s caring personality ultimately led him into the financial services industry, bringing with him his passion and knowledge to guide people to a confident financial future and help them avoid pitfalls along the way.

Because his clients become like friends and family, it’s incredibly fulfilling to him when they reach their goals. He celebrates alongside them and experiences a tremendous amount of joy when they are able to retire and have the lifestyle they hoped for.

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